Cool Shade Guesthouse in Blue Mountains at Bull Bay

Whenever you like tips of special places to stay around the island like homestay, guesthouse or hotel, at Inspiring Vibes you are at the right place. Coolest place to chill and relax: Cool Shades, in the hills of the Blue Mountains, next to river, tini (shop) and close to Buff Bay; surrounded by nature. You’ll love this awesome hidden gem!


River, views and lovely garden

Rent room, apartment or even the whole house in this guesthouse on the hill. The roof top is for endless views and wander away. Amazing especially at night watching sparkling stars. It’s a place where birds sing, wind blows and the sound of the river calms you down.

The owner works on a coffee plantation closely. They will be happy to show you around. It is called ‘Devon Coffee Farm’ from the Blue Mountain area. You have to buy some delicious coffee at the shop on the farm when you’re a real coffee lover.
Die hards, nature lovers and other brave ones dare to camp at the coffee plantation!
Contact me for further information.

IMG_5919     Blue Mountain coffee cool shade

IMG_5929 LR