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Inspiring Vibes: Love the life you live, live the life you love Inspiring Vibes is an initiative of Sandra Smits, a true lover of Jamaica and co-founder of travel agency She brings Jamaican culture, music and nature to curious and adventurous tourists: Travel with a local Rasta Tour Guide by booking your tour, round trip or holiday at Inspiring Vibes. Give your support, so locals can build their own independent life. Sandra lives partly in Jamaica and she is a writer of travel guides and blogs. Get your information in Dutch or English by reading inspiring blogs and buying travel guides at / / Life is a Journey, Go Travel! Sandra stands for exploring the (inner) world at home or when travelling. She wrote blogs about natural health, energy and spirituality. She founds out Jamaica is a perfect place to explore both worlds because of the special Jamaican culture, people and the stunning nature spots.
Love the life you live, live the life you love. Sandra is an independent entrepreneur and provides social media / PR for companies. Inspiring Vibes and Rappa Rasta Tours will build bridges between Jamaica and The Netherlands or Europe or even the whole world!

Explore The Real Jamaica in the Natural Rasta Way!

Rappa Rasta Tours is a small company, creating a great deal of flexibility while traveling, showing you real life and hidden gems. You can count on unexpected experiences and plenty fun when on tour. We might find fruit trees to pick from, meet Rastafarians in villages or farmland, bump into arts & crafts stalls and eat delicious food in local restaurants. It is therefore a special enrichment of your trip to go with a local Rasta tour guide. Rappa knows all about Rastafari, herbs, nature, music and history of Jamaica. When you travel the Local Rasta Way you will support local businesses which will lead to a better life with school for children, clean water and electricity in villages. Fair enough!


Being out of your comfort zone is inspiring and fascinating; travelling the world is an inner travel as well. I am a writer of travel guides and blogs and started my own tour business / travel agency with Rappa Rasta Tours in Jamaica. I’ve made several trips all over the world and have been away for many months. I love nature and culture and I'm curious. With an open heart and open mind I meet locals; travel a fair way. 'Full-joying' & loving every moment, and share it with you.

love & light

My deep interest in people brought me to travels and spiritual, healing work. Nowadays an open mind leads to meetings, based on exchange of knowledge, experience and aid. Inspiring Vibes support local initiatives with Social Media, Graphic Design, PR & Marketing: Fya Key Gardens (Rastafari Gatherings), High Light the Far South Coast' and Advice with design of Guesthouses as ‘Cool Shade’. We connect people to each other, give advice and build together a better life for all of ‘WE’. 
Our motto: ‘One step on the ladder, here we go!’

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