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Sandra fell in love with Jamaica since her first steps on the island and is co-founder of the local travel agency  ‘Rappa Rasta Tours’.  She writes travel blogs: 
(Dutch) and online travel guides (English), which are for sale.
Blogs on (
Besides Jamaica, there are blogs and travel guides about Mexico, like Mahahual.

With her travel experience, her knowledge of Jamaica, her writings and sweet attitude she loves to inspire you.


Creative brain

Sandra has a Coaching/Healing background with knowledge of Graphic Design, Social Media, PR/Marketing and Customer Contact. She shares her qualities with local businesses in Jamaica like Rappa Rasta Tours.

Sandra will be there for you if you have questions, she is responsible for customer care, social media, offers, design, finances and administration.


‘Life is a journey go travel!’

Going on a journey is about listening to your heartbeat, and follow with ease and passion. Nyabinghi drum of Rastafari in Jamaica is exactly about that beat of life. When your energy gets stuck, just come to Jamaica for a natural healing and some fun. There’s nothing you need to do only relax en enjoy its culture, and nature takes care of it.
When you are in need of a more deeper level of healing and relaxation, ask Sandra for a special chakra healing retreat.
‘Sandra is a social inspiration, a guide in any way.’


Rappa & Rappa Rasta Tours

Want to know more about local travelling with Rappa and his Tour Guide Business Rappa Rasta Tours? Take a look at his website. Here you will find our list of tours, mission & vision, pictures and reviews. Take a look at FaceBook Page: Rappa Tours
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The inspiring culture and beautiful nature of Jamaica will unfold as you go on an adventure and leave the all-inclusive-resorts behind.
Jamaica offers little bays and beaches to snorkel, surf and wonder around. Exotic Jamaica shows you waterfalls and hidden gems, rivers, blue holes, craters and caves. 
You will be amazed by the beauty of little fisher villages, the lively capital Kingston and the Blue Mountains with her magnificent views, cool shades, rivers to swim and colorful flowers.

Roaring River Park 1783   Jamaica Beach Fun

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Exploring Jamaica will intensely satisfy you; it sizzles and attracts, gives energy and calms you down. A paradise for solo travellers at the first place and surely for couples and small groups. Even babies and teenagers love the Jamaican vibes. Natural! Do it the right way: Explore Jamaica in the Natural Rasta Way!